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"An inquisitive mind

blended with constant curiosity and imagination

will take you to the creative paradise."


- Layra Harmony -


Layra Harmony is an internationally published Creative Director and Fashion Stylist based in London. Her work is featured in various glossy magazines including Marie Claire, L'Officiel, Hollywood as well as in commercial publications. Layra has well established partnerships with elite model management agencies and high end designer brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Paul Smith, Hugo Boss and more.

Layra assembles outstanding photo shoot production crews from her wide network of highly skillful artists: photographers, make up artists, hair stylists, dancers, musicians and assistants. She organised and art directed crews of 10 to 20 members, orchestrating the productions.


As a Senior Lecturer for Art Direction in London College Of Style, Layra enjoyed passing on her knowledge and experience to a new generation of talents in her unique interactive style.

Layra appeared as a guest judge for the Best Dressed Lady competition in Dubai International Arabian Horse Race and as a panel judge in Tel Aviv - Riga Festival. In addition, as  a brand consultant she sourced British designer brands for the Fit For Fashion reality show. Layra also styled celebrities for front covers and editorial features as well as produced and art directed the photo shoots.

Charisma, artistic flair, dedication and strong organisational skills drive Layra to produce high quality work.

"It's the passion about your dreams makes the dreams come true"

- Layra Harmony -

Faded Sandpaper

My Story



I am originally from picturesque mountainous Northern Caucasus, one of the most ethnically diverse 

regions in the world. Since early childhood I enjoyed various artistic and creative activities. I started dancing classic ballet at the age of 4 and moved into ethnic dancing later on, becoming a dance artist of the renowned dance company Lezginka and performing on big stages nationally & worldwide.

My education is in Haealth & Fitness industrty. After my first degree in Sports Sciences, I started working as a health & fitness expert as well as a nutrition consultant. Following this degree, I went to study in Sackler School of Medicine; medical sciences research with a focus on molecular biology and biochemistry. In parallel, I was working as a cardiac physiologist in a cardiac rehabilitation institute

This is when Channel 9 invited me as a guest speaker to their 'Good Morning' TV show to talk about the impact of physical activity on our hormones of happiness Serotonin & Endorphin.

I moved to the UK  for work in 2007. In 2010, I had a random opportunity to participate

in a fashion editorial photo shoot for a US magazine. It was my first ever experience in the industry.This photo shoot became my inspiration for a new hobby which naturally developed into a career. A year later, in April 2011 I applied for a brand new BA degree 'Creative Direction For Fashion'in London 

College  of Fashion, University Of The Arts. During the interview it appeared I am overqualified' - ahead  of the other applicants; portfolio and experience. So my final decision was not to proceed with the degree and continue progressing my way, along with then full time job. In March 2012 I produced my

first fashion editorial which also was my first ever published work. So I am self taught, having learned the profession on the go, expanding my experience from fashion styling to art direction and full photo shoot production. In 2016 I joined London College of Style as a Senior Lecturer on Art Direction for fashion. The rest is history...


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